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Monday, June 11, 2012

Trucker Schmexy

Trucker Schmexy

Yeah I'm trucker schmexy. So I was staining our decks and was waaaaay down our steep inclined side yard, reaching the deck with a 12 foot pole, and got honked and whistled at by a trucker. I had on swimming trunks, yes, cause my painting pants were in the washer. I had schmexy Big Texan hair, well from afar maybe- up close, a fro. No I'm not Black, Jewish, my hair isn't even curly, I don't use "product" but just some days, it goes Big and vertical.
My hair was big cause I'd rigged a painting tool; the roller attached to the pole wasn't getting the nooks and crannies so I used my hair tie and a bread bag I found blowing in the street, to tie a brush to the pole.
Yep. So I guess I'm trucker schmexy. Eww.

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