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Monday, June 11, 2012

Tag 'em and bag' em

Tag 'em and bag' em

In response to a convo about the roads' fading yellow lines, and how the AQMD demands this safe, crappy road paint.....

" ugh. I'm all for saving the environment until it edges into lunacy. I'd noticed our lines weren't so reflect-y. Hmph. I recall they painted the lines on my street back in the 90s and had the reflect-y stuff, it wasn't drying right and I went and picked it up and played with it. That must be why I have an eye in the back of my head and howl at the moon! 

But the non VOC paint still can't be 100% kosher, and to paint it so often prob. has the same enviro. impact as the high VOC reflect-y sticky good paint. But then the enviro paint is prob. made en masse in China, where it can leak toxins in the making and no one cares cause it is China's turn to pollute, we got our chance and now its theirs.

So we'll save the earth, and just watch the spectacle of folks driving OFF the Rim, since there are no lines. Brilliant.

Which reminds me...salting roads....we won't do it...or slight NaCL solution cinders aren't worth a darn for melting, because of enviro. regulations. But the rest of the free world salts like mad, and we still have bouncing bunnies and wildflowers and the like. So why do "they" get to use salt, and supposedly kill bunnies or whatever, and we don't? Fair is fair, man. Besides, I still salt my driveway like mad...so how is that any different?      

Shoot. I salt my driveway aaand rip off mattress tags. shame shame. At least no one knows where I live...I'm safe... and it is garbage day tomorrow so my salt bags and mattress tags will be hauled away in anomynity.  "

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