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Monday, June 11, 2012



<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/JK716RqoUms" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>     http://youtu.be/JK716RqoUms
I love this song.

On a related note, growing up, there WAS a ghost in my house. In fact he is still there. His name is Mitch.

So when I was a baby, I'd babble away as if I were chatting with someone, but I'd be alone in my room. One day my dad came up to see who the heck I was talking to, walked in the door, bent to switch on the light, rammed into something hard and big (eww that sounds dirty, but see my dad is 6 feet tall, and he said it was about his size) but nothing was there. Another time as a child....ehh...age ten? My television turned on. It was UNPLUGGED. Another time, I found a happy face drawn on my tinkertoy, it wasn't there when my family had left for the grocery store. Sometimes I was scared to death to go into my room, and would use my cat as bait... "Muffin, time for bed time, shoo! pst! go! Go into my room!" in hopes the ghost would eat her or whatever, and not me. But watching Unsolved Mysteries before bed surely didn't help.

This is Betty my imaginary friend of the 1980s. Mitch
had a niece he lived with, Betty..I wonder if
it is actually "that" Betty...? Betty was never angry
She just looks angry because I was 4.
4 year olds suck at art.
My mom says whenever she walks into the house, the floor/ceiling (meaning 1st story ceiling, 2nd story floor) creaks in the SW corner. She's "tested" it and the can't figure out why, unless its Mitch. My crib was placed there as a child, so I was probably chatting with him, being that my crib was in his "spot".  My uncle lived at my parent's house while they were away, and asked us about the ghost. My mom locks her windows and doors when she leaves out of state, but each time she comes back, they're unlocked. From the inside.

So who is Mitch? Mitchell Todd built my mom's house, before it was my mom's house. He built it with his bare hands so to speak. He and wife Frances lived there and he sold it to my mom in 1971. He passed a year or two later, his wife the year after that.

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