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Thursday, June 14, 2012

the Claw or Tulsa Trekkie Toes

So I have tulsa trekkie toes since I am in Oklahoma. Or it can be the claw. I will post me re-enacting it since it is gone. My...hmm...if it were my hand, it would be my pointer finger. My pointer toe was leaving towards my big toe and my middle toe towards my ring toe so I have that Trekkie V hand symbol thing, but in my left foot. See, I was swimming with my son andsat on the pool step since my son was too wiggly. I decide to show him how to kick water and my foot gets a bit of pressure, kind of like uncomfortable shoes, and I lok at it and Trekkie Toe! I have a claw or talons or something, like cerebral palsy. And worse of all ,ITS STUCK THAT WAY. Like those nightmares where you cannot run... I could NOT wiggle my toes. They would not move. I sat there in fright for a moment, like, old people get the claw but me? So then I yell for my hubby ,help, come here! My foot! Its stuck! What the heck! Am I ok? So he masages it and it goes back to normal, only to do it AGAIN. At that point I got out of fhe pool and was scafed to death of walking back fo the room, I mean! It did it twice and three's a charm, so next time it will never go bac kanx I woon't be able t owalk or wear shoes...

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