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Monday, June 11, 2012



I love peas. Yum. Petite frozen green peas, cooked of course. They go in Indian food, salad, pot roast, mashed potatoes, alone, the possibilities are endless. Perhaps that's cause I had peas A LOT as a child. As soon as my hot dog microwaving days (age 5) met with my lipton noodle and boxed mac n cheese days (age 9) my mom figured, heck she can cook, so her nightly cooking efforts dwindled. It was often "fend for yourself" night and so peas were an easy meal. (Perhaps I was deprived, malnourished, whatever.)

So I thought yumm, peas. I'm gonna get my son to eat them. Unlike my mother, he will have full meals. Which reminds me, I had an a-hole boyfriend in college, but when I went to his parents for dinner I asked if his dinners were "normal". I thought they were trying to impress me with thanksgiving-esque flair- rolls, salad, rice, chicken, corn. Wow! Nope. Come to find out thats normal. But I digress.

My son will get more than peas for dinner once, well, he can eat more than an ounce of peas for dinner. But damned baby food. The peas they give...no wonder there are so many pea haters, legumeophobes or peaphobics out there. Canned peas are nasty. They are a disgrace. They do not deserve the honor of being called pea or even pea like products. They should simple be called yuck. So. For jarred baby food, they don't have peas. They have yuck. And my son, with a discriminating palate already, scrunched his eyes up and stuck his tongue out in classic yuck fashion.

I propose a ban on yuck. And an advancement of actual, tasty peas. The Coalition for Tasty Peas and the Abolishment of Yuck. CTPAY. Nah. CTPAY sounds like Cat-Pee. Oh well.

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