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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I love LA freeways!

There I said it. Ok it is a bit of an exaggeration, but I prefer LA freeways. Why? Since Cali was designed for the automobile, their freeways make sense. They are in a grid like pattern, so, to imagine cartography or algebra, to go from A,1 to D,4 you might find a diagonal freeway but worst case scenario is you go down A to A,4 and across to D,4. Here in Chicago's suburbs and elsewhere, you go to B7 labeled three different things, then a curved away road to C3 then to C8 then D4. Sure you can take side streets but they take even longer. Then a neighborhood can literalluy havea "other side of the tracks" area, right across the street. In Cali, a neighborhood goes downhill over a few blocks but here its bam! And Gary Indiana, at least the edges, aren't too scary . Maybe I went to the one good part, but I saw no grafitti for two blocks,no garbage, no barred windows...I meanI would not wantto live there, but I have seen scarier parts. East Chicago or New Chicago orwhatever was scarier. And why must there be reverse racism? I was at the pool and there were a few black girls there giving me stink eye for goimg into the pool when they and only they were in there. Geez girls, I do not care and am not racist and most of my relatives are a fee generations new to America and were indentured servants in the tenements of the UK so they were not slave owners, they were treated like scum themselves.

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