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Monday, June 11, 2012

peep pooped


An Easter tradition in my house is peeps jousting. Get two peeps of opposing colors- one per "team"- insert a toothpick "sword" in each, place on paper plate, swords almost touching, place in microwave, heat, and watch as they puff up, change shape, and joust.

THis year was an epic failure. We bought blue and yellow peeps and then forgot about peeps jousting....then remembered. "Where did the blue peeps go", I ask my husband, assuming he'd had a late night peeps binge. He had only consumed one row of yellow, he claimed...so the blue peeps were MIA and so we jousted yellow v yellow. And to add to the crisis, the peeps bowled over backwards in the microwave and were self-impaled. We both lost our jousting bets.

Fast forward a week and we come home from shopping and I walk in, assailed by the stench from hell. To quote How I Met Your Mother, I yelled, "where's the poop?" And I found it. TMI here but it was pure liquid stench from hell (and I've had raw sewage pour from my shower and this was worse) with round chunks which I thought were much bigger than the doggie kibble chunks so what the hell?

Hubby ran out to rent a carpet cleaner as I covered my mouth and nose, opening every window in the house despite the 50 degrees and windy weather.

Upon cleaning, we saw it left a blue stain. That's weird, hubby remarked, we don't eat anything blue. What did Daisy get into? We looked at the Mike & Ike box from Saturday movie night...no she only ate one and it was yellow...whatever could it be?

Putting the pieces together, we've figured it out. Round poopy blobs and a blue stain = missing blue peeps were found by dog, consumed by dog, made ill in dog, diarrhea-ed out by dog, mostly whole. If only they could have been cleaned up by dog. There is a TJ's bag of poopy paper towels in the yard somewhere, tossed out in a fit of gagging.

Hence...peep-pooped. A winning status on FB.

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