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Monday, June 11, 2012

Hillbilly Fix-its

Hillbilly Fix-its

So as I prepare, hopefully, for a road trip (and too many blogging opportunities, given the Mayes curse), I remember my last one up to visit my dad as he got out of the hospital. We drove mostly at night the first day, so my son would sleep, and we stopped for gas in the Grapevine. Opening the car door means the interior lights go on, right into my son's eyes, waking him. I did not feel like 500 more miles of WAAAAH so I had to do something.

I found a feminine napkin / maxi pad in my purse (unused of course) and stuck it onto the interior light. Problem solved, move on. So hubby gets gas, son sleeps in the nice darkness, problem solved. Until, that is, hubby opens my door to see how we are doing and goes, "WTF? Why is there a period pad? On my car? My luxury car? Eww!" and I calmly explain my reasoning and that he should be proud of a) my ingenuity b) the baby is still asleep.  He just shook his head and silently got into the driver's seat.

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