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Monday, June 11, 2012

Doggy Doo-Doo

doggy doo doo

Peep poops which I think I blogged, and, pooping at the in-laws.... So Peep Poops occur when the missing box of blue Easter peeps you were coveting for peeps jousting goes missing, only to turn up 3 days later. On the floor. Surrounded by liquid dog diarrhea. Shudder. That took a rug doctor to clean it! And pooping at the in-laws. We sometimes take our dogs to our in-laws, to see family, run around where there isn't 3 feet of snow, get parvo shots, etc. So often my mother in law, whose dogs poo and wee all over the house, kept blaming it on our dogs. I think it's when you say, in a cute voice you'd use with an infant, no no little doggy woggy, no go poopy in the house, bad doggy woggy.... it is translated to the dog as, "thank you my sweet little pumpkin for pooping in the house, I love your turds and eant to give you kisses". Anyways. We told her, no, not our dog, especially not Daisy. Trust us, you will know if it's Daisy. (FYI Daisy is 90 lbs, a Great Dane and Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix. Compared to my in-laws shi-tsu mix and poodle-chihuahua mix.) So one day, we're out to dinner and took to separate cars and left the dogs inside, because my in-laws think dogs should never go outside, especially if it is colder than 65 or warmer than 66 degrees. Somehow, my handicapped mother beats us home, and as we pull onto their street we get a phone call. "OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. ITS HUGE, OH MY GOD, GET A SHOVEL GET A RUG DOCTOR AND GET HERE NOW." Yep. Daisy doo-doed, little doggy woggy went poopy woopy. It was a pile larger than the size of their shi-tsu. Yep. Told you you'd know when she'd pooped.

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