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Thursday, November 1, 2012


I hate weddings.

I hated my own.

I have only attended three in my lifetime.

I don't hate the people whose weddings I don't attend. I don't specially favor those I do attend.

I nearly didn't attend my own.

Why the hate?

To me it is such a private special moment not to be shared. But then too, to me it is some legal moment because marriage is more spiritual and personal.

I do not like dressing up unlike your real self and acting unlike your real self all for show for others.

Add in bridezilla drama and no thank you.

I planned my wedding in one week. No place settings or games or bridal showers or any of that crap. I bought a dress, pinned it in place, did my own hair, did store bought cake and flowers and invited close friends and family that could come. On a Monday. A week's warning given.

Cause if it were up to me? I'd have done justice of the court or whatever, in a nice simple dress, at Inspiration Point with a view of 7,000 feet below.


  1. What a sensible woman you are. Did you consider eloping? That's a good way of keeping things private.

  2. I have a friend who did that for her wedding, and she liked it just fine. I was so stressed out by my wedding, and then my dad said to me, "I could have given you the money to elope to Vegas, if you wanted"... after I had sent the invitations. UGH. I would have so preferred that over the wedding I had. Oh well. :)