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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Epic fail

I wrote (ahem bragged) on Facebook how I had found a Thanksgiving tasting at my lover grocer's. I'm a sucker for Sam's club samples, Trader Joes samples, and any free food in little cups because, well, who doesn't love free food?

So I was super excited to find a gourmet tasting with nearly two dozen samplings of gourmet food and wine. There were arancini, pecan pies, organic turkey.... I listed all I ate on Facebook to make others jealous of my tasting experience.

Yeah...damn you autocorrect. As hubby drove us home alon bumpy windy mountain roads, I wrote my Facebook post and auto correct corrected "duck" into...ummm....dick.

My phone wouldn't let me edit or delete my post where Im bragging about delicious dick at the grocery store. Nope. I am permanently placed I. The cyber space hall of fame for talking about delicious samples of dick.


And I don't even really like duck (as in, quack quack) but I bragged nevertheless because you usually get samples of cheap crappy stuff, not gourmet duck.

And that, my friends, is why it is wrong to brag.

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