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Sunday, November 18, 2012

If I could meet anyone famous...

I'd meet four among the living and two from the past. Sure there might be more, but here goes.

1. The Dalai Lama. He is an amazing man full of such peace, love, and wisdom that I could learn a lot from him.

2. John Taylor Gatto. His writing has inspired me and changed my life. Okay not quite changed it but it has answered many of my questions and his works make me think an exuberant "I knew it, exactly, agree". He loves children and education but not our schooling system and he tells it like it is. I could go on for pages so I will move on to number three...

3. Jenny Lawson aka the bloggess. We had similar childhoods (I mean how many kids grow up with dead animals in the freezer, and I'm not talking hamburger and chicken). She seems to be funny and awesome. Actually she reminds me of my BFF, also named Jenny. And two Jenny's is even more awesome.

4. Rob Zombie. I'm not much into the art of the macabre and all that he is into, but I can tell he is quite a genius and artist, a creative mind that intrigues me.

1. Thomas Jefferson. I read his biography and many founding articles and the like. He had some amazing ideas and I'd love to hear his ideas for the present era.

2. Abe Lincoln. Kinda the same reason as Jefferson.

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  1. interesting choices! I'm always asked this question but I never know how to answer it. I love reading others answers, though! :)