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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Two pounds of butter

We will likely use two lbs of butter for Thanksgiving. We don't do healthy foods for Thanksgiving...it is all rich foods full of butter and cream.

Our menu thus far? (Subject to change)

Rosemary-garlic buttered turkey
From scratch turkey drippings gravy with rosemary and Chardonnay
Sour cream mashed potatoes
Caldo verde soup
Buttered corn
Cornbread and sage sausage stuffing (which I loath but the rest of the family loves... At least this version beats the family usual of it made with white bread and sausage)
Sourdough stuffing
Butterscotch and walnut whipped yams
Pumpkin pie
Apple streudel


  1. We go to my best friends in Arizona for Thanksgiving and she cooks just like you! It is so freaking good and rich and fattening and full of love and awesomeness. Sounds like yours is the same way.

  2. Butterscotch and walnut whipped yams? Sounds sublime. Enjoy!

  3. That sounds so delicious!!!!! I never had yams in my life; I've always been afraid. However, butterscotch and walnut whipped yams I would give a try! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  4. (If you wouldn't mind sharing that recipe, I'd love to see it?) rebekastjohn@gmail.com


  5. The yams sound amazing! Email me the recipe!