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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

And so I procrastinated

I have to do things in a predetermined un-budge-able order; yeah I'm a bit kooky. Like, when I clean the house I have to do dishes, wipe the counter, vacuum all rooms, and the proceeds to do whatever else needs cleaning.

I'm pretty sure I am moving, and went to get boxes and covertly ran in stores to take handfuls of ads to use for packing fragile things. I want to pack the kitchen dishes first. But I have a bunch in the dishwasher that need to dry first. I can't pack anything else until the dishes are packed. Why? Because; that's why. My brain can't get past "pack dishes". And then I'd pack clothes right now, shoving them into garbage bags, but most of our clothing is in our bedroom/home office and hubby has meetings non stop for 4 more hours.

I can't pack anything else until I can get to the dishes.

I can't clean the house cause our vacuum is where we are moving to; not here.

So I have nothing to do.

Sometimes I hate my brain.

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