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Friday, November 16, 2012


Guess what... it is Friday! An I have a week off for Thanksgiving due to furloughs.

This post will lack my normal flair. Why?

I have sinusitis, oh joy! I lived off of throat lozenges and tissues at work yesterday.

My son was up until 2:30 am tossing and turning and crying and screaming. He was drinking water like a fiend and refused to let go of his sippy cup all night.

So we are tired and I couldn't take work off because to order a sub you have to use a school login on an employee laptop. Guess what? My laptop is at work since, well, I use it at work. So I have to go to work all day while I feel crappy and while my son is likely ill or in pain. :(

And farewell to Twinkie. Hostess is striking or closing or something and all Hostess products could soon be no more. I don't really like Hostess, but an orange cupcake or snow ball a few times a year is a treat, and twinkles are an edible American icon. My hubby sent me in to 7-11 to get twinkles an try only had one left. He was sad. So, goodbye Hostess.


  1. Ugh sinus problems! I hope you and your son feel better soon. Hope you can enjoy the weekend.
    ~Naila Moon

  2. So sorry you've been sick! I am a chronic sinus sufferer - it's miserable. I take Flonaise every day and that seems to help.