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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bracelets or gray sweats? This is why I may have taken AP French IV in high school and passed with an A-, a semester of Japanese (A) and two years of Spanish(A grades all semesters) and still cannot understand a spoken word of any damned foreign language. Including, occasionally, my mother tongue of English. Since I can't think of an example in another language, here's an example in English. Gray sweats (as in sweat pants) sounds like bracelets to me.

So in another language, (but using English here in my example) someone could have an entire conversation with me would be about a cute pair of gray sweats and I'd be thinking, wait what did you just say? Oh, bracelets. I like bracelets. Soft fuzzy ones? Bracelets aren't soft and fuzzy. And then the entire conversation about gray sweats is over and I missed the entire talk because I was baffled about gray sweats. And like five sentences of translations behind the conversation.


  1. I'm sitting here saying gray sweats and bracelets out loud to see how alike they sound. They do. I could entirely see this happening to me.

    Also, I took AP French IV. But I failed the AP test. I never knew anyone else who did besides the other two girls in my class.

  2. I have to say this post humored me. I can see how words could get confused when you do not hear right. I should know, I am 95% deaf. ;)