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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bittersweet baby

I will miss....
• My brand new wardrobe drats
• liquor to survive my overly worried Jewish mother in law over the holidays
• coffee, energy drinks, microbrewery beer, and sushi
• not peeing every two minutes
• snuggling and co-sleeping-big bit bed for my boy!

But I am excited too. I want a nice easy pregnancy like last time. Generally speaking, I enjoyed being pregnant. Although, I dread the attention pregnancy begets as extra attention an cheerfulness bugs me. In ornery like that. And the thought that I am a f|€#ing invalid. I will keep you all updated on the invalid comments I get thus time.

I'm excited to know I am carrying another life, a sibling for my son. I'm excited to know what my baby looks like and his/her personality. I will even find out the gender this time!

I'm annoyed though as my first OB appointment isn't until January. I don't get an estimated due date, chance to. Hear the heartbeat, or see the original ultrasound that looks like the protein squiggle in eggs. I want all that NOW!

So it is bittersweet but mostly sweet!

I will take guesses as to due date, lair hours, and gender. You can get ideas from my post a week or so ago about my labor experience.


  1. Congrats. I wish sometimes I could have another baby but then...
    I actually would like to adopt an older child.
    ~Naila Moon


  2. congratulations! How exciting for you all!!!!


  3. Congratulations!!!! How exciting! January appointment is far too long! :(