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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

well that was close

You may habe heard of Chris Dorner the cop killer loose in California. He was prob 30 miles from my home where he left his truck (right by where my parents married) and went missing. It is all over the news.

So today I had to venture down to the city to take my son to his pediatrician as per direction of the urgrnt care PA who diagnosed his double ear infection and broken ear-blood vessel. And an ENT appt as well he almost never doesn't have an ear infection. Those ENT appts book 6 mo ahead of time. So I headed on down while my son snoozed away.

I rounded the last bend, right into the city limits but a bend before any buildings and traffic was dead stopped. Thank God for smart phones and sparse reception right in the exact spot I was at, so I could check highway patrol reports. No accidents. Hmph. I check facebook and a friend wrote, "the mtn is shut off". My friend at getoffmyroads.blogspot.com texts me to listen to the news. I call my hubby and he tells me "officers down. Guns. 40 King 'copter searching. Get home. Now." I turn around and speed home, the two upbound lanes empty of traffic. I want to get home before they block the turned around to get home traffic. I don't turn on the news, too frightened, and just crank up some Bad Religion and cut corners, not obeying the speed limit, the road my game (but I was safe!). I get home and unlock my car doors, glad I am home, wishing I had a gun to protect myself as I drove home, knowing nothing but "get home now".

Looks like my theory this dude had some crazy friend on his side may have been correct bht it is just a rumor. Hedid tie up some people and steal their car and drove from Big Bear to the city, stopping halfway to crash the truck and barricade himself in a cabin. A "mtn folk" local either saw and reported him, or tried to shoot at him. Same goes for Fish and Game. Teo officers were wounded, sheriffs I probably have chatted with at the grocery store. There is a cuurent active shootout reported on the scannere but not on the news. Cause us mtn folk have our ways, the scanner tells the truth. The hrlicopters have been told to back away, the scene unviewable by cirizens. Trauma centers are in alert and multiple ambulances are headed that way. All I can do is offer prayers, while thanking God I am home. Safe. My son, unborn baby, husbsnd, friends are safe. Today has been an eventful day. Off to call and reschedule these appointments.


  1. I cant even imagine how scary that was. I am thankful that your family is safe...

  2. Well I don't know about you, but I did have fun driving my Subaru like a Subaru and not worrying about getting a ticket.
    I was listening to the police scanners too, than when I went to work (Hours late after the highway was reopened) my coworkers were trying to tell MS what was going on!