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Friday, February 1, 2013


My family was at Starbucks, sitting outside in a rare but nice 80 degree February day, when I realized my last-bits-of-the-flu demanded a tissue. I asked hubby if he could go in and grab me one since he was going in for a refill. He obliged. Kind of.

He comes back empty handed.

Hubby: Sorry didn't get you a napkin
Me: why?

Hubby: hipsters. There were hipsters.
Me: huh? You were scared of hipsters? Dude, you power lifted like 800 pounds. You have been to the Amazon and in the worst part of Los Angeles dressed as a fairy (Halloween) and you're scared of hipsters?

Hubby: well...the napkin area was like ten deep in hipsters! You should have seen it! I just couldn't...
Me: again, you've done all this stuff and they scared you off?
Hubby: well yeah, you should have seen-
My son: I skee
Hubby: what do you see?
Son: I skee
Hubby: ice cream?
Son: (smiling) I skee.
Me: ok I will get napkins from cold stone. (Yup it was hipster-free)


  1. You call your husband "dude"?

  2. BWAHAHA!! Isn't he a little old to be afraid of hipsters? Then again, I'm assuming he's as comfortable with his un-coolness as I am with mine. Ya gotta own it, baby.