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Friday, February 15, 2013

Leg-less pirates

Drop kick Murphy's has a song, "Shipping off to Boston" how he climbed the topsails and lost his leg, so he ships off to Boston to find his wooden leg.

Some weird distant echo of my heredity likes this song and is all, ooh sexy leg less pirates. My logic and well 99% of me says eew leg less pirates! But 1/4 of my ancestry hails from dirt poor scots-Irish shipbuilder's blood and that party is my crazy pirate side.

And it isn't just me. My dad claims he was a pirate wench in a past life. I can't make this ><¥# up; he says he was a red-headed pirate's wench in a past life because he has these déjà vu type dreams where he is the wench.

So perhaps the sexy leg less pirate is some distant relative of ours?!?!

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