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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Friendly firearms

Friendly firearms? Huh? Well here goes my ramble and I will stay politically neutral.

If I could ever go shooting for sport (you know, like if I weren't pregnant and had a babysitter) I would. I hate competition sports but using a 22 to shoot a paper target is fun. I'm not a super gun nut, just so you know. I just have grown up in a gun-sports enthusiast family and it must be in my blood as my half brother whom I've never met enjoys shooting for sport. My dad has win local clay shoot competitions, called "turkey shoots" and the prize is a holiday turkey. He donates the turkey to the food shelter.

So today we went to Bass Pro Shops and because of paranoia, truth, nut jobs, evil government, logic...whatever you pin it in, there were very few bullets and they were very expensive. In America, right or wrong, this is not the norm.

I can say, either way, the hunters and fj sports folks in the aisles were all wet friendly. Just like when you go hiking and. Total strangers wave and say hello to you, and genuinely mean it. The folks in the aisle scooted over for pregnant ok' me and a cranky toddler in the stroller, and when my son dropped his toy a boy picked it up and grabbed it but he wasn't the only one reaching to grab and return it to my son.

Sure, there had to be some cranky whack job in the store, no group of people is perfect, and a few bad apples ruin the bunch. But the shoppers today were very congenial. The guys dressed up in leathers, sitting under canvas tents at the Mountain Man Rendesvous when I was a kid, loading the muzzles of their guns to shoot gunpowder rifles in a 1800-something battle reenactment were super friendly. I like friendly.

So what's my point here? I'm actually not certain. I am not arguing for or against guns. I'm just stating an observed fact and the people I interacted with. And that's that.

And yeah I suck at the nablopomo love theme but hey at least I am blogging every day, go me!

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