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Sunday, February 3, 2013

America Loves Football

...Which must be a generalization as I do not love football. I call the Super Bowl the stupor bowl. I respect people's rights to love the game. But for me, no thank you. It saddens me that we waste millions on the idolatry of football stars, halftime shows, commercials, merchandise. Super bowl parties...when there are much better things to throw our momey at. Education and poverty to name a few. And the sheeple spend their money and look glazy-eyed at the screen, rooting on some team throwin around a ball when we have real heroes amongst us that go without congratulations.

Alas, I will be spwnding the super bowl away from the tv screen, and I do not intend to claim I an better or mightier than asuper bowl fan. We are all human. I just, as said, woild like to see us idolize real heroes who sacrifice all ,beat all odds, to bring beauty, love, paeace, freedom, and enlightenment to this world. So, I silently celebrate the Gandis, MLK jrs, Mother Teresas, military vets, etc etc today. They deserve much fanfafe.

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