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Thursday, February 7, 2013

change of plans

I had a mandatory training to go to today. Exhausted after lack of sleep but ready, I ut on my sweather and eyed my son, which was easy as he was stuck to me like a baby monkey. Hubby walked in and said. "Crap, busy day, meetings all day. The kind that if I miss, I am fired." I eye my son again, listless and clingy, whimpering. I cannot send him into daycare like this, with a severe ear infection. I sigh and take off my sweater and turn on Sesame Street.

I grab my laptop and go to send in my substitute lesson plans, the ones I had because of being in training. The school site is down. I cannot send lessons. Crap. I call and no one answers. Double crap. Finally someone answers and I am able to send my lessons to the right person via a text. Phew. I call the training and explain my predicament. Now I am free to....watch Sesame Street.

I hakf ignore Elmo and start writing my Liebster award blog post. Yay, I won! Then my tummy grumbles so I look in the fridge to find amost-expired hamburger meat. I make tsco meat and head out to get tortillas, toting my sicky with me who is in better spiritd after his antibiotics and some tylenol. I decide to drop by the used books store except they aren't open even though it is 15 minutes past opening time. So I go get the mail and head for the grocer's and the book store is open! I mentally add it to myb"do after lunch" list. I get tortillas. I argue with the post office and get my complaint sent to the highest of higher ups. Then the phone rings.

It is my hubby asking when I am coming home. I figure he is just hungry, too. Nope. He says, "lock the doors and get home now". See, there is a cop killer on the loose. He was made national news and has killed a handful of people. He is now to be believed to be i nmy community. The highway (which I avoided as sidestreets get me to town faster) are lined with police forces, guns drawn. The schools are on lockdown. I cautiously but quickly drive home. I lock the doors. I invite my ocerprotective dogs inside for extra assuredness as I make my tacos.

Needless to say, I didnt go to work. Or training. My son Thank God is not in lockdown at his daycare a BLOCK from the police station, a prime target. I am not going to the bookstore. I a mhanging out at home.

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  1. Scary! I hope that your little one feels better soon and that the police find the murderer quickly.