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Friday, August 17, 2012

unhealthy hippie

I am not a hippie and I do not want to be unhealthy...... what? Lemme explain......................... so I went for a physical and supposedly I had shingles at some point?!?! And lactose and gluten intlerance, asthma, severe allergies (like, I am alergic to more things than not) scoliosis ,previous depression, I am getting a sonogram of my boobie for cysts or worse, I might have skin cancer (or maybe it is a cyst the reg doctor didnt onow), I might have anemia, and I get to have a bronchoscopy where they shove a tube doen your throat into your lungs, and they put you into "medical twilight" aka anasthesia, to which, when I come out of it, I have a history of crazy panic attacks and violence. Joy. I don't feel that unhalthy but with that list I begin to think I am that unhealthy.....................On an unrelated note (but it is on my mind and I dont like doing two posts in one day) I am not a hippie .sure my yearbook has a pic of me as a hippie but my mom was bffs with the yearbook teacher and snuck it in without my permission. It was a Halloween costume peoples. And sure I know how to tie dye. And sure my first concert was Grateful Dead at 12 ( hate their music but my mom wanted to take me). Sure I drive a subaru and recycle and love hiking and cultures and have purchased incense and hand made soaps. But I have never done drugs, hate hippie music, am socially liberal but politicaly and economically conservative...a constitutional libertarian...incense gives me asthma attacks, I bathe ,and I am not a hippie, ok?

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