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Monday, August 13, 2012

toddler triathalon

It feels like a triathalon, keeping up with my toddler. He is currently locked in the bedroom for safety and sanity. Wait let me clarify that I am in the same bedroom, so he is not unsupervised like CPS warns you, crins warn you, etc. They say in huge letters NEVER LEAVE CHILD UNATTENDED but ummmm what if you have to poop? Anyways....we are in a room with just a bed because we are moving to our rental home with the pepto bismol walls whic hI just painted blue...much better.*************************************his car toy became a receptacle for spit out pizza so I had to wash it out and now it honks all sixkly, weooongk weeeongk. And in 24 hours not only did pizza go in the toy truck but he unsnapped his high chair seat and flew onto the floor. He has decided to run into the bathroom as I was about to flush and play. With. My. Pee. Which meant a vigorous cleaning while buck naked (me), pants around my feet with the window wide open for all th neighbors to see. We have also experienced the joy that is the dog bowl, so he has tried to drink out of the dog bowl, put dog food into the water, and eat the mushy mess. He has tried to plug in a power tool. He has tried to play with the electrical junk at the back of the fridge .he has attempted to help me mop, clean the walls, and consume simple green cleaner. He has opened doors (a brand new skill) and closed them. He has run ijto the table and the tile floor. He has tried to vaccuum. He has tried to lick cat5 cable He has tried t ouse the dog as a trampoline.

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