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Monday, August 27, 2012

Let's Craft this B!tch Up!

Hansel And Gretel needed
some fairytale pink
pepto after all that candy, which,
they barfed onto my wall.
My BFF wonce said, "let's craft this b!tch up". So I am stealing that in regards to my MOST AWESOME home remodel which is mural-rific (which should be a word. I once told my English high school students, I have the authority as an English teacher and lover of literature and language to make up words. Shakespeare did. So there. Muralize.)

 So without further ado (bam! Another Shakespeare reference!)... The room was once cat-barf orange which I sadly lack evidence of. Then my mom painted it simple white (again, lacking evidence). Renters decided it needed to be PEPTO BISMOL PINK. It's called fairy tale pink. Apparently fairy tales include imbibing mass quantities of gas-killing, barf-killing pepto.

crappy pic of the blue,
pre-clouds to PROVE I got crafty.
I HAD to rid of that. So I painted it blue. Ok to be fair, the renters painted it blue, and the other room pepto pink but really, this actual room was once that pink then blue, and the blue room then became pink. Don't ask. Seriously, would you tell your girls and boys, hey Mary and Cary, you want the other room that is blue for little Gary and Larry? Sure, mama will paint it for you and then paint your old room for Gary and Laarry". No. I'm a mom. I'd be all, "keep your darn pink room where it is, Mary and Cary, or convince Gary and Larry pink is the new black cause I sure ain't painting it again, or showing my face at Ace hardware to buy that God awful pink again."
the clouds part un

Anyways. The blue room that has been white, cat barf (that way when we bought it), white, pepto pink, and now blue, needed...something. And I was bored and like to do art. So I decided to "CRAFT THIS B!TCH UP". I added clouds.

Then I added some shading and stuff because while in Part Un -->
clouds part deux, 3-d look and less wimpy
they look all 3-d, they were still drying and dried all...2-d and kind of translucent and wimpy looking. But to the untrained eye they look the same because I was too ashamed of my dried translucent wimp clouds.

grass, as I began
And that wasn't enough because the mini pods of 2 oz paint samples were 50% OFF! And I try and avoid being like many in my family and yard-saling, but I got the gene and see sales and get all excited. I totally want a Marquez Family Reunion 2004 shirt from the 99cent store cause it is less than a buck! BUT I ALWAYS RESIST and I could no longer do it....resistance is futile!!!!!! So I bought some green pods of paint. (And THEN found a oops-we-mixed-the-wrong-color of grass green paint, a GALLON for $5 verses my "sale" at $2.50 for 2 oz. Drats!). And I made some grass. It was really zen, making the grass. I even got a few different hues and made it look real, like my clouds.

And guess what? It FRICKIN ROCKS!!!!! Sorry. Those who know me in real life, I really am quite humble but for this I have to be happy. For what....under $15 I totally made a great room (duuuuude, I like cha....painted grass, totally, its tubular...I think the paint fumes made me a valley girl or surfer) and I am happy with it. I want a room like that but sadly, adults get laughed at for that kind of thing.


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  1. Oh my goodness you're funny!..and talented! You get to be all braggy, even if you really are a humble soul :) You had me at the title, by the way.