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Friday, August 24, 2012

I totally remember _____ about you

I asked friends to tell me silly things they remember about me. One friend said "college, winky face" and I told him to NOT include college stories of me, imbibing and going through a delayed adolescence of which I am ashamed.

 So then, another friend remembers my blue fuzzy slippers. See, I HATE most shoes (Vans sooo needs to branch out and make dress shoes) and my wedding shoes were these too-loose-on-my-heels, blister-my-toes, high heel deathly torture traps and I had to wear their crappy little traps for the wedding ceremony...but the second it was over, I knew I could OT go barefoot (I am already redneck enough, peoples) so I put on fuzzy blue monster slippers for the reception :)

 Another memory? Tie dye. Yeah. I tie dyed everything, even socks and underwear. I actually do not like tie dye much, but always like the scientific experiment part, what will it turn out like? And ok the fact that I had tie dyed underwear is embarrassing cool because who else on earth had made-it-themselves tie dyed undies? Wait. Add that and my propensity for overalls and no wonder I was 16 and never been kissed.

[ And then, red shoes. My friend and I had these $3 Vans shoes, at a discount store where all the misshapen and butt ugly vans go to die. They were butt ugly awesome-tastic, so awesome that they can no longer be found on google search. They were red, golf or bowling shoe type, with red and white holographic checkers in the middle. That's all folks...waiting for more

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