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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Innuendos and Insanity

Mortimer Moneybags
Hubby and I decided that since we are supposedly evil landlords, we need cool evil landlord names. So my hubby is Mortimer Moneybags and he looks like the guy with the tophat on Monopoly but waaay more evil. My name...I'm working on it because Tiffany Takesalot sounds too...well..it has a dirty innuendo and a future in grown-up movies. That past me... I am reading a book (title and author escape me and it's on my Nook aaaalll the way downstairs) about agoraphobia cause lucky ol' me it runs in the family (but I don't have it, phew). I'm reading it and the author also has panic attacks etc etc. I am laughing along with the book and nodding my head at certain things, you know, in that I totally get you kind of way and I'm frightened. I did the same thing in Jenny Lawson's book. I am wondering, am I crazy? Or is it just that being raised with family chock full of mental illness, did I just kind of pick up some of the idiosyncrasies of crazy people? I'm afraid to ask people for the answer.

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