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Friday, August 10, 2012

I hate book-endings. And then some off topic ramblings that seem really important

Brevity sucks, and I tried to make this post brief. Fail. I read that book by Stephen King, 11/16/63 (or some date, I mean it isn't a random date but the date JFK died, and may he RIP but history dates are lame) and Agorafabulous by Sara Benincasa this week. Yep. Two books. One week. Like a thousand pages.

 I realize I HATE book-endings. I get so absorbed in a book (IF it is a good book) that when it ends, I seriously mourn. Not a broke-up-with-my-boyfriend, my-cat-died mourning, but like when you have to go back to work after vacation, or a relative has to fly home, or your favorite completely ratted out skirt must be retired after ten years. That kind of mourning. I finished Agorafabulous and wanted more. I had many questions to ask. I'd engaged in a conversation with the author in my head, as if she were real. I mean, she is, but not when she is just in my head. And now she is gone and didn't answer my questions. Pooh.

Why is it all my new fav' authros have only one book out? I need them to be all Danielle-Steel-style-thousands-of-books authors. And yes, King has that many books but I've only liked two of his books, so there. But with reading Laurie Notaro (read all her books), Jen Lancester (read all her books), Jenny Lawson (1 book dammit) and Sara Benincasa (1 book dammit)...I have new literary bffs in my head and an empty sad nook next to my mourning self.

 And I also have inspiration for more blogging. I want to make it into a book but I also want to become an educational change agent, some famous big whig (in hoity toity Stanford-esque crowds, but hey, I'm not one for fascinating Nascar crowds...that was so...college days) and to make six figures and be a well respected intellectual elitist. Those people, the "man" type people, who run the world, and especially people that teach and supervise children, are supposed to be pious nuns or something. They can't be people that blog about Tiffany Takesalot (of money not...you fowl person), dead rattlesnakes in the freezer, the evils of college, and crazy family. So it....sucks... I need advice. Again, someone running for school board and trying to run a school (you know, if there were jobs) can't talk about Tiffany-rattlesnake-prozac-parties. Nope. But my wacky tiffany-rattlesnake-prozac-party self is, well, me, but so is that academic self that throws out words like "disenfranchised" "technocratic liberal" "social efficiency model of eugenics" (<--which I am against), "psychometrics" "interdisciplinary innovation" and "prescribed automaton" and pushes to revolutionize the system that is education.



  1. Argh I know that exact feeling when a book I'm really into is finished. Especially when the dumb author couldn't be bothered to write another book and just leaves me hanging. SO inconsiderate.

  2. Have you read the Glass Menagerie? That was really good.I think you should write your book, and worry about everything else when you get it published. You have so many great stories!
    Have you read Duma Keyes or Needful Things by SK? Both really good.
    I'm always bummed when I finish a good book too. Lets face it, how often do we actually read a good book? Oh quinn Cummings books are good too.