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Monday, November 25, 2013

special ritual

Did you hear? Dunkin Donuts is finally in California!

I am not a huge donut fan...my grandmacould live off of them, and when the time comes for her to pass on, I will remember her as always having a box of donuts nd...for dessert, rainbow sherbert.

Anyway, back to the topic... I don't love donuts, but they do taste good on occasion. I find Krispy Kreme so sweet I shudder, so Dunkin is a nice change.

There is a certain ritual to Dunkin Donuts. Whenever we travel to a place with Dunkin, we buy a dozen and eat however much we can before they go stale. We will go on an adventure in a strange city, looking for donuts and hoping they still have glazed blueberry. Sure, it is heavy, greasy, fake blueberry, processed food, not my usual "thing" but there are always exceptions! I remember getting donuts in Arizona on our honeymoon, and Vegas while 8 months pregnant. A sunny morning in Indiana, and a slushy day in New Hampshire. Their coffee made me feel as hyper as a meth addict, as we once drove I-95, the Jersey-bought cup kept me buzzed and twitchy all the way to Massachusetts.

So this week, my husband who rises before dawn, just might drive over an hour away just toget our fix.

Isn't it weird though...as said, thrir donuts aren't the bes in the world. But the "hunt" for them while travelling, and waking up and finding a box of donuts and hot coffee on the hotel nightstand is special. And a brown box of donuts reminds me of my grandma who was rumored to drive an extra 20 minutes to find the cheapest donuts. So perhaps travelling long distances for mediocre donuts runs in the family.


  1. I really liked how you wrote this!
    And Dunkin Donuts are back already!? I'm going to have to look up where they are and go find them!

  2. No way! I'm in California and miss DD very much.