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Friday, November 8, 2013

Don't turn a blind eye

I don't bring in politics, history, etc into my blog but I read something recently that affected me greatly. Just like No Country for Old Men totally ruined my valentine's Day, my day was ruined. In fact, I had to read it over two days just to be able to handle it. I didn't want to read any of it, the pit in my stomach got all sour and tears welled up and I felt physically ill. I didn't want to read another word or see another image. But I knew I had to keep reading and had to show it to others.

I suggest everyone on earth (ok everyone. With Internet access and knowledge of English) read this. But I warn it will seriously ruin your day and you might say, why the f&@* did I read this?
That is exactly why. If we cannot emotionally attach ourselves to something so awful, we won't recognize when it is happening and we won't do a thing to stop it.

I am talking about genocide.

And it is still happening today, in places like North Korea, Darfur, and more. And we do nothing but turn a blind eye because it isn't our children or neighbors. But it could be.

So I encourage you to read the link to the following blog that ruined my day (link at very end of this post).

I know back in my day in school, we didn't learn a thing about the Khmer Rouge. Heck we didn't even learn about the Vietnam War. I asked my teacher why and he said "it isn't current enough to be a current event or old enough to be history", so we ignored any events from about 1950-1990. So I know most people my age know little if anything about the Khmer Rouge.

I know a family who survived it. The husband once told us his story in secrecy, in broken English. I won't recount it were or give their identity, but I will say this link made their story even more real and VCR versa. Suddenly, genocide got a little to real.


  1. Wow that is definitely tragic and, yup, a total day ruiner. :(
    But I'm glad you shared it. It's so important to be aware that there is stuff like that in the world.

  2. The world isn't always the pretty place we would like it to be. The conflict and fear, powerstruggles and hate are so very common we would like to tune it out so that we can live a serene life. That doesn't make these horrible things go away of course. In the most recent (20 years or less, "positive thinking" has become the rage. We close our eyes and think positive and believe that problems, ours and the rest of the world's, will go away with happy thoughts. This illusion, unfortunately, has created a sort of bubble around many people. Thanks for trying to burst the bubble.