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Thursday, November 21, 2013

black friday

I am trying to have an open mind about black Friday but my brain keeps screaming, consumerism! Evil!

I had to delve into research to learn the psyche of Black Friday.

I guess people actually...enjoy it?

Some enjoy it because it is like a scavenger hunt, a game for who can find what. In general, I hate games. As a kid, I hated piñatas and public Easter egg hunts because everyone turned into a pack of starving wolves and kids grew claws and stuff. I was the kid left with one piece of candy, crying, because I didn't get why everyone lost their manners and kindness and didn't share. Games showed me the evil of man. I mean sure, I would go all king-fu on you if I were truly starving to death but dude...not over a piece of bubble yum.

Plus my mom ruined games for me because I hated math and to try and get me to like it, my mom said math is like a game. Screw you, math, games, and Black Friday.

But sure. If you are the kid who throws punches and goes all Lord of the Flies over a freakin piñata, ok, Black Friday is fun. While I disagree, I "get" it.

Others say they like the socialization of standing in line overnight or at 4am, you build a bit of community spirit amongst strangers while waiting for the doors to open.

I guess I am a Scrooge cause I don't see "community" in a line at 4 am. I don't see standing in line at 4 am with my Starbucks and even a brought-with-me- BFF as fun. Sure I hear rumor women do this to get time away from kids. As a woman who doesn't even pee, sleep, or shower without a child tugging on my leg, I dream of time without kids. I'm just not sure a line outside Best Buy at midnight is any better. But again, I "get" that some find it fun. Just not me.

I know others struggle financially enough that the only way there is Christmas is at 80% off on Black Friday and I feel blessed that is not my case. But my own family struggled and so I might get a hand me down or yard sale item. Are we so consumer driven that little Billy must get a brand new Xbox? Maybe I am missing something. Please enlighten me. But I had students once, many who were well below the poverty line and I bought each child in my classroom a 99 cent toy. Some came to me later,in tears of joy because their family had canceled Christmas yet again. My little gift was their only gift an they were so happy. Think about that, folks, when you beat one another over the last Xbox your kid HAS to have.

Others love shopping and find shopping and crowds thrilling. I hate shopping after about an hour, on a Tuesday morning in February. I did Black Friday once (at ten am) and I really craved a martini in the middle of Target. Or a shank. Or a portal to a yoga studio. I am a total introvert (who'd have guessed?) and so crowds are totally draining and panic attack inducing. I "get" that some actually like it but for me? Hell no.

What are your thoughts on Black Friday? Love it? Hate it?

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