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Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I saw a post about our "babying" of children. It bashed skin to skin time after birth even though it is proven to heal. It bashed other parts of attachment parenting. I "attachment parent" in that I wear my baby and co-sleep which is supposedly evil...an evil that has been around for eons is my guess. It seems western culture bashes it. We hold on to the Victorian notion of a child should be seen not heard.

But yet...I agree with the article, too. When red pens are "damishing self esteem", a 21% becomes a passing grade sofew fail, and everyone gets a sports award just for. Trying....I think we baby and cripple our children. And if your eleven year old has never done dishes, played in the yard, or made a simple meal (think ramen!) There is a problem. When your sixteen year old is treated like an untrustworthy child (teenagers have ruled counties and armies) you do a diservice to our future. When a ten year old knows how to pole dance, but can't make toast, when they can sext but notuse the restroom without supervision, when we tell them to plan for college andact responsibly but we tell them they must wait for passing period to use the restroom...it just seems silly

But that is just my opinionated two cents. Your thoughts?

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