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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy trees

Remember the painter guy on TV from the 80s with the hair fro? May he rest in peace with his happy little trees. See, I have always loved doing art (both my parents are artists) and as a small child, I totally loved watching him paint. So..to that, yay art!

Anyways, strange art (not as strange as that poop Virgin Mary) amuses me, the semi-absurd makes my day so in honor of absurdity and the happy trees guy, here is something that made my day...on my way to my son's preschool, I found a happy little tree. He (the tree) actually has two eyeballs but I didn't feel like stopping my car on a blind corner to snap a pic so I did my best attempt (hence one eyeball) from a safer location. I was so amused, I made my husband drive with me to pick up our son, just so he could see the happy tree.

Next time someone visits, I just have to tell them to turn left at the happy tree!


  1. That tree looks beautiful. I liked your musings. :-) And thanks for leaving a comment by my post. :-)