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Friday, November 22, 2013

Crunchie goes radioactive

What was that smell? A feeling of déjà vu flooded me based on the smell. It wasn't unpleasant. Mod podge adhesive? No...not spray paint...and why would there be art supplies in the chiropractor's office?

In an attempt to cure my son's chronic ear infections, I've gone outside the box and full on crunchy granola mom, trying chiropractors and holistic medicines. I've just started so I can't say how it's worked.

When I took my son in for his initial chiropractor visit they used a cool taser gun looking thing that detects tightness, blood flow, etc of the spine.

I like cool gadgets like that and I have always had a stiff back so I made an appointment for myself, too.

So today I go in and smell this familiar but misplaced mystery smell. I get the taser thingy and it goes nuts. I lack anatomical knowledge but kinda behind my right breast and left kidney are very tight. I have minor scoliosis, something I knew as a child because they almost gave me a back brace. Actually. I think I qualified for one but my mom scared me with stories of back casts and then the doctor moved and we gave up.

Not only do I have scoliosis but my right leg is longer than my left.

Looks like my son's two minute neck massages are going to be the easy part, I'm a piece of work!

Well, maybe. I have to wait for the X-ray results and taser analysis next week for a plan of action.

That's when it hit me. A dark room! The chiropractor has a dark room for developing X-rays and the cold was making the building all drafty and shrinky and so the dark room chemicals, set up for my X-ray, could be detected.

See, fifteen years ago I took two or was it three years of photography (yep back in my day in high school...) and loved the magic of the dark room. The caustic chemicals and precise timing all spelled disaster, watching an image of odd shapes swim in chemicals until it resembled your photo, the cold dark room where depth perception was lacking, all was a strafe refuge for me . I couldn't wait to get in the darkroom.

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