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Friday, November 29, 2013

art therapy

In college, I descendee into a lengthy bout of deprssion and figured a new scene might do some good. I applied to a college out of state, a small private university with acprogram in art therapy. I applied, visited the campus, and was accepted! And then my chronic inability to stick to things (yeah, still working on this) caused me to stay put. Besides, I mean how many art therapist jobs are there? My sociology degree and three teaching credentials have led to, in my 15 years of adulthood, 20 defferent jobs , a cumulative few years of unemployment and...overall worthlessness. But off that pity party train and onto my point!,
I do believe art can be healing. I went through a very shitty few years of life. In college  these years kind of scarred me. Trust me, rhings weren't that bad, but as a poster child for being a HSP, highly sensitive person. I still have to mull over those years in my dreams.

Music "spoke to me" back then, and helped me through it all. Tool was a band I loved (still do) and so, over ten years later, I finally decided to do art which went with lyrics. I did book arts to Tool, which I blogged about this month. My in laws wanted to see my book so it became a Thanksgiving conversation piece, likely labeling me as a tortured, depressed, needs psychotherapy, unfit person. I'm none of that and they just were bafflee...why did I choose these lyrics. Why are they so sad? Why did I do the imagesvI did? I explained, or tried to, but they just gave me confused and worrisome looks.

Maybe its the HSP in me, or the artist in me. But I can easily tap into back then and use art therapy now to heal from then. It is cleansing. It makes an ugly thing of the past into a beautiful thing of the present. I think that is pretty damned awesome.

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  1. I can completely understand this, I am not a sad person but I live sad depressing music!