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Sunday, November 3, 2013

art craze

I have decided to get back to doing art. With two kids 2 & under, going places...sucks. So my wanderlust must be put on the back burner ...so, enter art. ......................(like how blogger and nook don't get along? Yeah me Neither so here is my paragraph break).................................So I have four projects I am working on. Two are accordion books which can fold out like those Japanese room dividers (but more mantle top sized), as gifs for my parents. They will be about "lessons and memories" personalized to each parent, with collage, mixed media, and painted backgrounds. Another, an accordion book as well, is again mixed media collage based on a very nice nature themed poem. The last is an altered book based on the song lyrics to "46&2" by Tool. This one is my main focus, as it takes time and patience to glue pages together and smather them in gesso...an hour or so per page for the glue to dry, and then another hour or so for the gesso. Then and only then are the pages ready to decorate. ........................This means our garage is becoming a multi purpose/art room because our mahogany table and granite countertops need not be slathered in paint and glue!


  1. Little ones make it challenging to get things done, that is for certain.

  2. I remember those days with toddlers. I read but then I'm not creative like you. My posts come out the same way when I post them from my iPad. It doesn't matter what they looked like on it; they turn out terrible on Blogger.