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Saturday, November 23, 2013


Place shapes you. Or so is my theory. I am inexplicably fascinated with "place" and the subtleties that make up the place itself and its people.

I can -and do- spend hours perusing google street view to get a peek into someone else's world...Cacaulandia, Brazil or Rostov Oblast, Russia...

I feel like different architectures and landscapes subtly shape us.

If I were raised in an apaato in Tokyo, would I have the same love of a hike through manzanita and granite boulders at treelike like I found near my real-me childhood home? Would the crackle of a fireplace in a log cabin have any special-ness? If I grew up in Acre, Brazil, would I love the quiet of a snowy day? Or would a monsoon rain bring me solace instead?

How does place shape you?


  1. That is so very true. Things that are meaningful to us -- all have to do with with where we made a connection. Where we spent our childhood. That is what makes meeting those from different cultures so interesting.

  2. Yes indeed. Don't know if you know the NPR show This American Life, but yesterday the entire show revolved around this very topic.