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Sunday, July 29, 2012


Adrenal insufficiency. So from running oit of my corticosteroid for my asthma, I caoused myself adrenal insufficiency. Your adrenal glands don't do...whatever they do when you cut the steroids cold turkey and you get weak and tired and your body can be achy or tingly. And you go into a deep depression. Yup. So that was me a few days ago. I am on the mend. I even dropped off my wailing mommy-obsessed boy at grandma's for two hours to give myself, as I mended ,a VERY rare mommy break. I eat sleep breathe with my son .but man on my mommy break I went clothing shopping and the trends now suuuuuuck. Fashionistas found three styles...bitchy 80s catalogue women fashion, like xiggarette ads, of cloting no one actually wore back then; 80s trailer trash hand me downs, and my 80 year old grandma's bliuses fro mthe 80s meet Michael Jackson glitter and glam. What the freak.

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