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Monday, July 23, 2012

cook au vin

The dishwasher remains broken but with a now working sink, I did dishes and then made a huge mess from cooking that I do not want to clean. I made coq au vin and who knows if it will be edible simce I had to strain a can of chicken rice concentrate soup to beget broth because for the first time in history my household is empty of broth. Usually we have a dozen or so, no joke. And my roasted potatoes are not so roasting at 250 degrees. And why did I write cook au vin, its coq au vin you idiot? Because I am the cook .au vin. So I had to hunt down red wine since hubby loves white (I am a red headed red wine girl myself but hey wine is wine) and I had to make sure it hadn't decayed into vinegar s oI poured a one ounce shot glass full. Yep tastes fine but why do I feel so happy and why can't I type properly? Oh. It is 5pm and all I have had in 12 hours is a sausage patty, a hashbronw patty, and two handfuls of funyuns cause I just was not hungry today. So it has gone strait to my brain and I feel like some dumb jr high kid or really, like that time myfreshman year in hs when I had half a glass of scotch, thinking it was as alcoholic as my moms wine coolers mixed with sprite. Theroad was squishy. SquishyvI tell you. Ok I am not as bad off as squishy roads at all, more just as if I had a large glass of wine, but I love my squishy road story.

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