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Saturday, July 7, 2012

pits of hell

I had a creepy dream. I was either in the future, or another planet. Humans were rare, Armageddon type stuff. I was trying to survive, and was weary of others. I was hiding when I peered over and saw a river by an overpass, filled with blood. I heard horrid wailing and moaning and saw some scary hobo looking guy dragging....bodies....of people. He had killed them and not just killed them but like crazy killed them. One body's face was pounded in flat,ripples of flesh marshmallowing out. There were people burning and half alive. I ran to hide into a huge building which was miles long and very tall, filled with beige gray dirt hills in a beige gray building with trains at the top ,carrying minerals, the trains looked like caterpillars. They were robotic and trained to keep humans away, they would annihilate any people in the building so I was hiding in the dirt. It was very cold and while full of dirt, very sterile. I was filled with the most immense loneliness and despair. I knew I was one of the last humans. There was no food or shelter and the elements ie the cold were going to mean a slow but definite death, if the trains or crazy hobo did'nt get me first. Either way I knew my future was gruesome and that I would die, alone, never to be remembered.

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