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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

who am I and where do I live again?

So let's see.....we leave Indiana Saturday afternoon and encounter severe thunderstorms so we stop early, at sundown in Missouri- one town before one that had 70 mph winds and damaged homes! Then we get up early and are road bound by sunrise. We head to Oklahoma city for the rv. Turns out the one main Chevy dealer in the state is closed on Sundays. Freaking great. Luckily a security guard greets us and we are al, umm you guys have our keys to our rv. Nope no they don't apparently. So they call the boss as we hold our breath.m.voila, he had hidden them somewhere. Keys in hand ,we head to the rv...which is blocked in by multiple vehicles with out keys. Over an hour later of inching the rv around, we get out and drive to the edge of OK and spend the night in a hotel because of fore casted hail. Up at dawn the sun rises as we start the rv. And we drive and drive and drive until almost 11pm, past Flagstaff .we pull into a campground and I am tired and this campground is different than the other one in AZ... no special envelope with my name and campsite number, just a late registration packet. Where it says campsite # it is blank but the packet says in scribble on the far corner, 117 .i figure someone had used the packet before and scribbled stuff on it. We park in site ten and rest. For not even three hours .we pull out at 2am. Why? Well the desert was 115 the day before and our old, mileage a plenty rv does not do well in that kind if heat so we have to beat the heat,but needed that short rest to give us enough energy to continue. So we drive and drive and get home at 10am which my brain things is noon central time, but after a 2am wake up.....I am on twilight zone...where am I again? What day is it and what time is it? Did I eat yet today? °°°°°°°°° so..our neighbor has many moments of senility. So come to find out, he thinks we are not, well, who we are and that we have broken into our house. So to end our dramatic vacation, the county sheriff is on his way. Sigh.


  1. All that and the sheriff too? That sucks!Did you see the sunset last night? It was really pretty

  2. No. The sun set? Lol. I went to bed after dark but everything was a blur so if I saw it, I forgot.