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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This is why I didn't date as a teen

Pioneers don't make hot dates
Often as a teen, I wondered why I seemed to be un-date-able. Why did it take till age 17 for a first kiss and date? Why did I never go to prom? Why didn't guys check me out?

I now ask myself....why did I even have to wonder? Granted I did not dress like a pioneer at school. However, barely brushed butt-length hair, no make-up, overalls, boy's shoes, un-matched patterned socks (it's September...one pink Easter bunny sock and one rainbow polka dot sock? yes please) and a shimmery silver velvet top...geez was I too hot for the boys? Yeah. Add in painful shyness and my fate was signed, sealed, and delivered into high school social outcast. I just did not "get" it.

Sure I had friends, and every person who ever knew me said I was a smart, sweet, wonderful girl. But in high school, being "weird", creative, smart, sweet, are not dating qualities. I refused to stoop to the level of throwing myself at guys and wearing a pound of makeup and scanty clothing. I just did not see a middle ground there.

You might think I'm looking back at myself here in a negative light, like, "what a lame freak I was" but not quite. More just, "here is the reality of why you didn't date" and the other reality that the super cool kids, the cheer and football captains and stuff, their highlight of life was high school. It still is. They are still acting like it is 10th grade in their 30s, which makes them to look like the "lame freaks" nowadays. I had a student back when I taught elementary who was the social outcast, very creative, wore weird clothing and came from an odd family dynamic. She of course was teased a lot, and I wrote all my students a "you will do great in middle school" letter at the end of the year. I told her that her unique personality would likely not be accepted until college or later, but to not let that kill her spirit. She would become someone amazing as an adult and the world needs more "hers" out there. A lot of bloggers are these "weird freaks" that take a creative unorthodox approach to life and just imagine guys, if you lived a normal life. If you still pined away for the crazy drunked party at Ashley's house 15 years ago, you still looked at pics of Brock the high school stud muffin, imagine if you placed this high school world energy into your children like those dance and pageant moms on TV. Just imagine if in your own little head, life was still solely about looking hot (as wrinkles appear), listening to cool music (Bieber? No.) and knowing all the celeb gossip and...that is all. Nothing more. How....lame. I'm glad I'm different. Were Thomas Jefferson, Einstein, Rosa Parks, etc the most popular of popular teens/ I bet not. It is us weirdos that make the world awesome.

Oh and hubby saw this pic and was not repulsed. That is why he is awesome and I love him very very much.

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  1. Yeah, I was that weird girl who wore a lot of black and hung out in the art room in my school. The odd thing is that the guys were attracted to me, but instead of asking me out, they paintballed my house, or shot out my car windows, that sort of thing. I think that the guys were the weird ones, lol!