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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering nine-evelen

I know most every American has thought back to where there were Sept 11 2001. So here goes.

I was in college and like any good college lop, I was in bed till....who knows, but I think I was up "early" that day, you know, 9am or so.

I think I went to the cafeteria for breakfast. No news, no mention of what had happened.

I came back to my WWII bunker (no joke, I lived in a bunker used for military housing in WWII) and my friend Amber (at http://getoffmyroads.blogspot.com/) had called me with the news. It seems kind of unbelievable, plus, I was still waking up.

I wanted to check the internet but my bunker only connected through much coding and geeking to the phone line and would only work maybe 1/5th of the time (since it was kind of an old fashioned not quite legal legit connection that the computer lab hooked up for me) and so, no internet. I also did not have TV except for the occasional Korean channel that would come in with much static, if I moved the bunny ears just so, and today was just static and no Korean. I went to get a newspaper and found the last one, but it seemed so unreal that I just stashed the newspaper in my dresser as a weird keepsake of a historical day and then forgot about it.

I hadn't seen an image or photo of 9/11 for a few days because then, everyone would snatch up whatever newspaper was available in the dorms before I got to them. We had students from around the world, so many were from near NYC. My internet was refusing to connect for some time, while the rest of the campus got a speedy high-tech T-1 connection.

I recall just last year watching a special on 9/11 and it gave me chills. See, after a few weeks of no real exposure to 9/11 right after the fact, and not knowing anyone involved (not even "Sally's brother's neighbor" or anything) and being so far away....all I kind of was exposed to was patriotism and the like. So when I watched the special and saw the planes hit- the first time I had EVER seen it (remember, after 9/11 people censored things, such a sensitive subject, with thousands dead, no one really wanted to show the footage) and hearing people's accounts...seeing rubble and maybe even people fall from the collapsing building, the people filming screaming and running, utter chaos and devastation... it was scary. But then I felt guilty for just now being really affected (effected? Might it be both?) by it, you know, ten years later.

Either way. People died then, people die now of hunger, war, etc and it isn't much fun. Geez that sounds trite but I just want to say, I have a unique memory of 9/11 and so...it is. It was a sad day for America and now we have people dying to fight for our freedom. Ignorance and power fuel evil and corruption and..I am rambling so I will stop typing and will be back to my regular, silly blogging soon. I just thought I had to tell about my 9/11 story because it just feels like the right thing to do.

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