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Sunday, September 16, 2012

does this make my feminazi look big?

So I have been called a tom boy. As an insult. I rarely wear makeup, never have had or desired a manicure, care less about celeb gossip, and as a kid, preferred playing war, trucks, and climbing trees to barbie dolls and makeovers. Although I suck at and don't understand sports.

Anyways, I was putting my son's crib together and my niece says, "good job aunty, for a female". I about sh1t myself. A nine year old already believing women do not put stuff together, apparently. Oh and I shock that side of the family cause I not only assemble cribs, but wiis, and shovel snow and mow the lawn, take the garbage out, paint walls, and garden. I know, like, and Im a woman right? F$%king amazing huh.....sorry, had to rant, call me a feminazi if you like but I believe in equality. Don't sit watching soaps while the men sweat their arses off, I mean, really .

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