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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Summer salts

I had summer salts last night. I was up till 3am (but on New Years Eve I couldn't make it till midnight!) wide awake. As in, I could have baked a cake and ran a 5k awake. My brain kept singing a stupid Muppets song and thinking about my doctors appointment today.

I had my first pre natal appointment today! To a mom it is a big deal. Especially to me cause I am continually amazed by pregnancy. I was wondering what would happen as every OB doctor is different and my old OB who I adore decided to be just a GYN. So sad for me. So I had a summer salting brain of "what will happen?"

I went in like a pro, pee in a cup all done, light clothes to get my real weight....

I sat in the cold office in a thin gown forever. I got asked a zillion questions, the questions I had just written down on my stupid form. I got a Pap smear. I got my super itchy hive filled legs are a mystery looked at and told to take Claritin, Benadryl, douse myself in peroxide, antibacterial soap, and to wear gloves to stop scratching. I had this same issue last pregnancy and got super strong itch cream. So I am still itchy.

I got what I call the d1ldo camera, a wand thing that goes up your... And it is like a grainy crappy ultrasound. Last time I was pregnant I got a printed image which I still have! And I got to hear the heartbeat. This time, no heart beat, no image to treasure. But the baby is alive, boy oh boy is it. I could see a little bean doing summer salts. This bean is so alive that it kept rolling out of view. The summer salts even surprised the OB.

I dunno when I am due, all my numbers give different dates so I go back in a few weeks for a real ultrasound to try and figure it out. I hope that isn't my one ultrasound as it is too early for gender...might go "team green" by force this time, that is, team I dunno the gender. Oh and I am supposed to drink 32 oz water one he before the ultrasound and not go pee. Last time I did that I went in wincing in pain and the technician touched my tiny and said go potty! The 32 oz is too much for you! So this time I am not drinking an entire 32oz or..I hope I have a tech who sees that if she touches me with 32oz of water I will explode.

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