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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Job of a teacher

I teach. But, it is more than that, even as a part-time teacher. Maybe you have seen those memes and bumper stickers and stuff, saying something like "mentor, mother, counselor, superhero, teacher". Hate to be all cliched but yeah, it's true.

I worked at a small high school with maybe 100 students, one in ten came from a one-parent home, the other parent having passed away. I had a girl, who still keeps in touch with me, make me a Mother's Day card, telling me I was like a mom to her, her mom having passed a year ago. Years prior, my entire class of 5th graders made me a Mother's Day card. One girl and her sister, who stayed in the after school program "conveniently" placed in my classroom all year long, saved up their Christmas money ($10 between the two, their only Christmas gift) to buy me a card and a knock-off Barbie.

I had two high schoolers that would just talk to me, cursing, crying, about life. I didn't judge or tell them to not curse. I didn't even give advice or get preachy. All I did was listen and it is all they wanted.

Just yesterday, in my p/t high school position, I had to break up conversations about vaginas, huge penis, shooting heroin, pregnancy (teasing some girl about it) and dropping acid. But I also was told about "cauliflower ear" and how much it hurt, from a student who did jiujitsu. A student asked about broken toes. About cysts. Things I had to say, ask your doctor, but I hope you feel better. I counseled a student on her mom losing her baby. This was all in one day, 180+ students, a lecture and three assignments thrown in. All in a day's work....

And to add, well, a few things. I do not profess to be perfect or better than others, I don't have narcissism, job-personality wise. I am just telling my experiences and opinions.

And, some times the job of a teacher is reciprocal. My students now notice I am pregnant and a few of my girls were so excited and lightly patted my tummy. It is kind of neat to share the experience with them. I mean, I stay professional and don't mention mucous plugs and sciatic nerves, placentas, really I share nothing but I enjoy just...going through the pregnancy with an audience of excited onlookers. Hmm no that sounds creepy but I'm not sure how to say it without rambling incessantly. It's just neat. There. And the good part is, none of them have seemed to want to be pregnant, and kind of talk clandestine and with pity about the students that are. So they are excited for me but that's that. That's a good thing.

Aww crapola this cheesy poster is...too high in the cheese factor, a bit too much" we are teachers we are omniscient and omni-everything awesome" but, darn, it holds some grains of truth, too.

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  1. I'm so excited that you're pregnant, too! You're due in the summer? That will be good timing for the school year, then...

    I have SO much respect for teachers. You guys are incredible. Absolutely incredible!