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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pandora's box

We have one of those stereo speakers that are hollow inside and my son likes to try and put things into the sound hole. The Houdini that he is, he had some something with the card to the TV reviewer that you know, makes the cable work. So I went on the hunt for the card, to no avail but man what I DID find...

1 squeaker to a dog toy
Handful dog toy fluff
1 receipt
3 sticky notes
1 diaper wipe
2 plastic forks
1 plastic spoon
1 baby spoon
1 remote control
1 measuring spoon
2 mismatched chop sticks
1 sock
1 yeti Christmas figurine
1 toe nail clippers
1 dental floss
3 Legos
3 regular blocks
3 other kind of blocks
1 asthma inhaler
4 pieces dog food
1 candle
1 postcard
1 napkin
1 old cell phone
1 wooden cooking spoon
2 play coins
1 toy train
2 bottles finger paint
1 plastic carabiner
1 pen
1 glittery letter U
1 key card for a hotel
1 safety cover for light sockets
3 toy cars

Here's the photo...

1 comment:

  1. Honestly? That is the kind of stuff it's great that you are capturing so you can show it to them later. They will either be like, "Aw, mom! I never did that!" or will be like, "Mom, I was pretty crafty, wasn't I?" I was laughing at the floss.

    Hysterical :-)