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Friday, July 12, 2013

Real or false who knows

I had Braxton hicks practice contractions aka BH since midnight and its 8am. But maybe since 3 am it's been real but early labor as its crampy, more crampy than period cramps more like really bad food poisoning cramps. Every 5-10 minutes.

So I'm sitting outside Starbucks near the hospital waiting it out as I f***ing hate hospitals and dread a 24 hour stay plus what up to 24 hours labor if I go in.

I dread being told its a false alarm.

So I'm waiting it out for a bit.

I'm very tired from not sleeping.

My son is at my MIL's and I worry for how he's gonna do but I can't worry you know? Gotta worry about myself right now.

So annoyed by this sorta-labor. With my son it was intense, more painful than what I have now, every 5 mins like clockwork, and my water broke an hour before the contractions so it was freaking obvious.

This time around its so...vague and annoying.

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