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Saturday, March 16, 2013

the store I love to hate

Why I hate Babies R Us

The apathetic workers

I would say they are like zombies but zombies occasionally grunt and move about, and even have some passion for their job at hand (albeit for brains). You can rarely find a BRU employee and when you do.....well, why did you just go around the store twice to find this imbecile? They either say "I dunno" or point you in a vague direction (umm, thataways?) As if they didn't work there, as if they were more lost than you. I want an employee to be like employees at the grocery story or heck the home improvement stores that walk you to the exact spot in the exact aisle and even recommend an item or two.

The nasty bathrooms

Oh my, my biggest "hate" here! The door handles must be touched to exit and without paper towels, you cannot make a germ mitt. Instead of towels, they have louder than a jumbo jet, make my baby scream bloody murder blow fans. The garbage pail is miles from the diaper station, making poopy collisions with strangers likely. The diaper stations are missing straps on baby changing tables so it is a safety hazard. Recently, twice, they were out of toilet paper and soap. Freaking great. I wanted to catch dysentery and my you know, my son's poop smears on the wall really did add a nice touch that wouldn't be the same if I could reach the trash can and use some towels to wipe up. And about that...if I forget wipes I am screwed. I have a brilliant marketing scheme, have freebies of BRU diaper items so you can sample the goods!

No disinfecting wipes for the shopping carts

So my son can happily play mystery diagnosis by licking the cart that fourteen other kids just sneezed on. Heck I will touch the cart too, no one wants a healthy mother!

3/4 of a crib

That's right folks. I got a crib on clearance as it was so last year's model, and they had to order it. Okay. So I went to pick it up and the to install it and what the ****!?!! A brand new unopened crib box came with three, count them three crib sides. Three. I got 3/4 of a crib and played hell trying to explain, you sold me 3/4 of a crib, no I am pretty dang sure I know the difference between 3 and 4 sides and no I'm not joking or trying to get you know, a fifth side of a crib.

Pretend sales

Items on clearance that I can find elsewhere, not on sale, for less. Coupons for every thing in the store except, well, every brand they carry. The Murphy's Law of whatever you need that second (crap the last bottle leaked, darnit diaper blowout and baby needs new pants) was on sale. Last week. Or is sold out.

Aisles that make no sense.

I mean. I think diaper rash cream should be by wipes and diapers, but instead, nipple cream and baby food is. Okay I get it, food first then poop but eww BRU, eww. And crib bumpers belong by bedding not hampers and room decor, and sleep sacks and snuggly wraps should not be by humidifiers, okay? But I digress...

I am a big fat awful hypocrite cause I love their front row expectant mother parking and the fact I can get in and out way quicker than Target. Everything is baby themed so I'm not all " diapers, diapers, ooh as new garden rake! Pear scented lotion! That book I wanted to read! Chocolate pop corn! Then I get home and realize I needed diapers and spent $100 and forgot diapers. My loathing of BRU keeps me focused, a mom on a mission to get in and get out before I go postal.


  1. Yikes! I've never been in a BRU because I ordered my nieces' stuff online when my SILs were pregnant, but now, you definitely make me not want to go!

  2. I agree, that's the problem with places like Target. I'm like, "okay, I need vinegar and detergent, and - ooo, handbags are on sale!" That's the nice thing about themed-shopping, even though I don't spend much time at BRU, seeing as I don't have any babies yet...

  3. Oh gosh, Toys R Us and BRU drive me BONKERS!! I can't stand how long the line ups are. OMG. Craziness.

  4. The only reason we shopped at BRU after my son was born was because we had gift cards. I wasn't impressed by the prices or even the options. I see no reason to ever, ever go back.

  5. Babies R Us was my go-to "outing" when my first was a small baby. I loved just roaming the aisles (not usually buying more than diapers) and letting him play with toys. We also used the nursing room once in a while. But it's true - different stores vary widely, and they know they have a captive/desperate audience.